Dictation Line 1: 313 444 9999 Dictation Line 2: 888 800 7009

How to Use

Dictation Line

  • 313 444 9999

  • 888 800 7009


  • 888 50-AAAMT
  • 888 50-22268


  • 888 51-AAAMT
  • 888 51-22268

Our Service Offer Includes

  • Scribe into your EMR
  • 99.95% Accurate reports
  • 5,000 Lines free trial
  • Same day turn around time guaranteed
  • Stat service available, 3 hours TAT
  • Same day fax transcripts to referral doctors
  • iPhone or Android app to dictate and send files
  • Use any digital recorder (Olympus, Sony, etc.)
  • Dictate on phone line included
  • HIPAA compliant, no start-up costs involved
  • Total dictation & transcription solution

How to Use

How to do dictation on toll free phone

To Dictation dial 1-313-444-9999 and wait for the voice prompt. You will hear “Please enter your four digit code at any time.” Enter your unique four digit code. Once you have entered your code, you will hear a recording beep, you will be ready to begin recording dictation.

Use the dictate functions described in the following section.

Dictation Functions

The chart below shows the dictation functions available and their corresponding telephone touch tones.

  • (1)Play
  • (2)Record
  • (3)Review
  • (4)Pause
  • (5)Save File
  • (6)End of File
  • (7)Fast Forward
  • (8)Beginning of File
  • (9)Abort Job
  • (*)Menu
  • (0)Quick save
  • (#)Job Number Prompt

Dictate Pad Template: The keypad functions may be modified to meet the needs of a particular facility.

Description of the Dictation Functions

(1) PLAY
Press 1 on the telephone keypad to play back recorded dictation. This function rewinds approximately one second and plays the dictation. To rewind further before playing back the dictation, use the Rewind function (3) or the Beginning of File function (8).

Press 2 on the telephone keypad to begin recording dictation. A tone will sound alerting you that recording has begun. The record function begins recording at the current position of the voice file so that it is important to be positioned at the end of a file when recording unless you wish to overwrite dictation.

(3) REWIND (Review)
Press 3 on the telephone keypad to rewind 3 seconds and play back dictation. This can be pressed repeatedly to rewind incremental amounts.

Press 4 on the telephone keypad to pause dictation. Pausing dictation puts the line in idle mode. While the line is idle, a soft beep will sound every second. (it will not announce you are in pause mode like previous device).

(5) SAVE
Press 5 on the telephone keypad to save the current dictation. Pressing this option will prompt you to save the job as a normal priority dictation by pressing 1 or as a “stat” (high) priority dictation by pressing 2. Select the appropriate option to complete the job. Once you finish dictate you can also hang-up to save file. (you will not lose dictation by hang up).

Press 6 on the telephone keypad to move to the end of the current dictation file. It is important to move to the end of a file when appending dictation so that previous dictation is not overwritten.

Press 7 on the telephone keypad to fast forward through the dictation. Using this function advances the current position 3 seconds and continues playing the dictation.

Press 8 on the telephone keypad to move to the beginning of the current dictation file. This is used before playing back the entire file.

Press 9 on the telephone keypad to abort the current dictation file.

(#) Job Number Prompt
By pressing # you will hear job number.

Minimum Requirements

PC with Microsoft Windows (Windows Xp minimum), Internet Connection, Browser (we support All Browsers, HIPAA Mandatory).

  • Go to www.aaamt.com
  • Click on “Login” at the upper right column. Login window will pop up
  • Enter your User ID and password in respective boxes and click on Login button.
  • Once you successfully login, you will be taken to Options page, Click on Download button, Download page opens automatically.
  • By default the system shows the files that are dictated very recently.
  • If you want to download older files, choose From Date and To Date or you can also search patient name to get particular patient transcripts then click on Go, Transcribed files will be listed.
  • If this is first time, wait till you prompted for java software update.
  • Check the files left side of the file name to indicate that you want to download those files. To select all the files with single click, click on top Check box.
  • Then click on the Download button to download the files on to your local machine.
  • By default the downloaded files are stored at “Desktop:\Transcription Files” folder.
  • Go to our website: http://www.aaamt.com
  • Click on “Login” at the upper right column. Login window will pop up.
  • Enter your User ID and password in respective boxes and click on Login button. Now you are in secured web pages.
  • Once you successfully login, you will be taken to Options page, For uploading voice files, Click on Upload button. Clicking on Upload, the user will be presented with file upload page at the right side of the page.
  • If this is first time, wait till you prompted for java update installation
  • In the File Uploaded window, user would be presented with Browse, upload buttons Selected Files”
  • Select Folder: Select Your Folder to be uploaded from the local system to uploaded window
  • Note: User can drag and drop the files from local system to the uploaded window.
  • Upload: The available files in the uploaded window are upload to our server.

Above Bold and underline text are the buttons in the Uploaded web page.

If you have any questions regarding help uploading files call our upload support line any time @ 888 502 2268

For Technical assistance 248 219 9320

AAAMTdictate app

Free iPhone & Android app

Upload dictation from bedside

No need to use Phone lines.

77% of our clients use App to dictate.

FaceSheet app

Highly customisable

Capture CPT, ICD, DOS, LOC, Name, DOB and image

Captured info send to biller securely from bedside

Forward patients to another provider with signoff note

Web interface access for provider & biller to check reports.

For more info visit www.facesheet.md

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