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Free Trial

Free Trial:   No obligation and no payment 

5000 Lines for solo practice to be used within 7 days or

15,000 Lines for group practice to be used within 7 days or

50,000 Lines for Hospitals to be used within 7 days

Call to enroll for free trial:

Tel:        888 502 2268  (24 x 7)

Fax:       888 512 2268

E-mail:  or

Website: www.AAAMT.COM

How to get started:

1. Please call us or fax providers’ names and credentials.

2. Let us know the number of providers who would be using our dictation service.

3. Please fax your sample transcript as a format to be followed.

We will fax instructions on how to use our service and IDs for the providers the same day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on our toll-free @ 888 502 2268.