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Support:             888 50-AAAMT
                           888 50-22268

Fax:                    888 51-AAAMT
                           888 51-22268

Dictation Line 1:     313 444 9999

Dictation Line 2:     888 800 7009

Our Service Offer Includes:

·  Scribe into your EMR

·  99.95% Accurate reports

·  5,000 Lines free trial

·  Same day turn around time guaranteed

·  Stat service available, 3 hours TAT

·  Same day fax transcripts to referral doctors

·  iPhone or Android app to dictate and send files

·  Use any digital recorder (Olympus, Sony, etc.)

·  Dictate on phone line included

·  HIPAA compliant, no start-up costs involved

·  Total dictation & transcription solution

AAAMTdictate app
Free iPhone & Android app.
Upload dictation from bedside.
No need to use Phone lines.
77% of our clients use App to dictate.
AAAMT, Inc. is a key transcription service provider which understands that accurate and timely transcription fosters improved patient care. We develop simple, cost-effective and efficient medical documentation solutions for health care facilities. Our experience and technical expertise, coupled with our flexible approach, allows us to do exactly that. We provide the highest quality medical documentation within your turnaround time requirements and we deliver these reports in a format that can be imported into your distribution system. It means providing the mechanisms that ensure confidentiality and security from dictation and transcription through the delivery of the transcripts to the end point, be it the dictating Doctor or the recipient such as the Referring Physician.

FaceSheet app
For iPhone & Android.
Highly customisable
Capture CPT, ICD, DOS, LOC, Name, DOB and image.
Captured info send to biller securely from bedside.
Forward patients to another provider with signoff note.
Web interface access for provider & biller to check reports.

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